Sample Industrial Engineers, Including Health & Safety Cover Letter

With an INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERS, INCLUDING HEALTH AND SAFETY COVER LETTER, it is important to get beyond the technical skills. The potential employer can get a glimpse of your skill set, experience level and education by reading your resume. The cover letter is an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to work with others. That kind of information is difficult to extrapolate from a resume. This candidate will stand apart because he is giving the company something else to consider apart from what the Hiring Manager can already read on his resume. Industrial Engineers, including Health and Safety Engineers cover letters need to repudiate that occupationís reputation for being aloof and difficult to work with.

Mike Michelson
222 Blue Bud Lane
Houston, TX 77073

July 15th, 2004

Jim Jenson
Dir. Of Human Resources
Playbug Industries
334 Industry Way
Houston, TX 77077

Mr. Jenson:

I am incredibly interested in the Industrial Engineers, including Health and Safety openings that have recently emerged at Playbug Industries. I have enclosed my resume for your review.

With a Masters Degree from MIT and eleven years of relevant experience, I feel I have the requisite skills to easily step into one of these Industrial Engineers, Including Health and Safety positions. Instead of reiterating what is on my resume, I would rather use this letter as an opportunity to provide information that is not on my resume.

For instance, I have had the opportunity to work with a diverse array of people over the years. I have worked with a myriad of different personality types in a variety of functional areas. When you check my references, you will learn that I worked well with everyone. My adaptability is a powerful skill that has added value wherever I have worked.

Playbug Industries is a well-known multi-national corporation that has grown at an average rate of 15% a year over the last five years. Operations have recently expanded into Eastern Europe and show no signs of slowing down. Industrial Engineers, including Health and Safety Engineers should know how to work with all types of people given the current world economy and Playbugís continued expansion into foreign territory. I bring that experience to the table.

I have the technical experience and the human experience necessary to thrive as one of your Industrial Engineers, including Health and Safety Engineers. Itís the latter that is too often overlooked. Thank you for your consideration.

All my best,

Mike Michelson