Sample Impersonator Cover Letter

An impersonator cover letter focuses on the applicant's ability to entertain people by impersonating another individual, or type of person, animal, or inanimate object, usually by copying mannerisms, form, expression, dress, voice, or sound of the character or thing being impersonated. All impersonator cover letters should include reference to talent and experience.

Roger Mitchell
987 Dorsett Place
Centerville, USA 34576

March 2, 2007

Mr. Emerson Jackson,
Hiring Manager
High Top Entertainers, Inc.
190 Chicago Avenue
Any Town, USA 78956

Dear Mr. Jackson:

I've been looking for part-time work in the evenings and on weekends as an impersonator. Today I saw your description on JobBankUSA.com for such a man or woman to entertain clients that call on your company to book entertainment for a variety of events.

I'd be pleased to meet with you in person to talk about my experience and to show you what I can do. I have a five-minute program prepared which will give you a feel for what I do and the individuals I can impersonate.

I hope you'll want to meet with me to learn more about what I do and for me to hear about what you're looking for in the impersonators you want to hire. Please call me at 888-888-8888 to set up a time to get together. I look forward to your response and thank you for your time.


Roger Mitchell

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