Sample Human Resources Managers Cover Letter

If you believe that your position can really make a difference to a company’s success, come right out and say it like the writer of this HUMAN RESOURCES COVER LETTER does. By asking a series of questions up front, the candidate establishes that he has the highest hopes for what kind of effect he plans to have on his new job. To wrap up the Human Resources cover letter, he says how he met those high hopes in former jobs. A combo like that is tough to argue with.

Joe Bellavary
6643 Yaddo Rd.
Detroit, MI 33221

June 8th, 2005

Gary Fukiyama
Grand Plan Mfg.
5543 Tappet Rd.
Carpenteria, CA 88833

Mr. Fukiyama:


You know that you need an effective human resource manager when you can answer yes to one of three questions: Is your company facing challenges recruiting, hiring, training and retaining the best employees in the job market? Are those challenges affecting your bottom line by preventing your organization from functioning at the very highest level and rapidly taking advantage of opportunities? Could your company grow and be more profitable today if you could only hire the top-quality people to make that happen?

Although many executives tend to blame the job market for these problems, this is not entirely accurate. True, a tight job market like we are currently experiencing makes hiring and retaining employees more challenging. But many companies have weathered more challenging markets and continue to do so today with the help of a creative and effective Human Resource Manager like myself.

At my last assignment, I worked at a company which faced a very specific problem. We were the second largest player in our industry, with the first largest player located in our very same geographic. As a result, we faced the challenge of competing for top talent out of college from this bigger, better-capitalized, more prestigious competitor. And when we did manage to hire a great employee, very often we trained them in the business only to watch them get recruited away from us by that competitor.

As a Human Resource Manager, I launched a recruiting and retention program that focused on the quality of life advantages that our smaller, more flexible, less bureaucratic company could offer over this big competitor. This program used all the resources that the firm had, from advertising, to training to creating health and fitness programs all the employees could enjoy free of charge. The results were an increased hit rate in our top-priority recruits and a 19% improvement in our retention rate. We even had some of our old employees come back to us from the bigger company.

Please give me a call to discuss how I can bring similar results to your organization.


Joe Bellavary