Sample Hand Painter Cover Letter

If you are writing a hand painter cover letter be sure to show the hiring manager your expertise painting decorative freehand designs on objects, such as pottery, home accessories, and lampshades, using hand brushes. This and other useful information related to this work and the applicants' experience should be included in all hand painter cover letters.

Roger Portman
89 Sutter Drive
Winslow, California 99999

January 2, 2007

Mr. James Park,
Hiring Manager
Beacon Hill Home Furnishings
809 Post Street
Winslow, CA 99999

Dear Mr. Park:

On JobBankUSA.com I saw your posting for a hand painter. I was grateful to see it since I'm looking for such a job. I've been in the furnishings business for twenty years, focusing on this work. In fact, I've also supervised a team of hand painters. Details about this and other artistic work are listed in my enclosed resume.

Please give me a call at 879-567-9090 if you'd like to get together and talk over this position and how I can fill it. Let me know and I'll be glad to drop by your office any day next week or whenever you're free to meet.

Thank you for reading my cover letter and considering me for the job.


Roger Portman

Enc.: resume and cover letter