Sample Hand Cigar Making Supervisor Cover Letter

A clear and interesting hand cigar making supervisor cover letter will go a long way to help you land the job you want in this profession--supervising and coordinating the activities of workers who inspect wrappers, roll bunches, and wrap bunches with wrapper leaves to produce handmade cigars. All hand cigar making supervisor cover letters should include vital information and reference to previous experience.

Barney Jones
51 Sarasota Place
Anytown, USA 30000

July 3, 2007

Mr. Sol Weinstein,
Hiring Manager
Colson Hand Made Cigar Co.
42 Belmont Drive
Anytown, USA 30001

Dear Mr. Weinstein:

With this cover letter, I am applying for the job you posted on JobBankUSA.com for a hand cigar-making supervisor with training and experience. I fit this description and I'm ready to accept such a position if you believe I'm the one for the job. I've worked in the cigar-making business for sixteen years as both a maker and a supervisor. All of the details regarding my previous employment are listed on the enclosed resume.

Would you like to meet one day next week to talk about what you are looking for in hand cigar-making supervisors? I look forward to hearing from you if you wish to get together. You can reach me during the day at 222-222-2222. Thank you ahead of time for your kind attention.


Barney Jones

Enc.: resume and cover letter