Sample Game & Sports Book Writer Cover Letter

A game and sports book writer cover letter is the applicant's opportunity to apply for a job in a profession that is in constant need of such workers to assist in the operation of games such as keno and bingo, to scan winning tickets presented by patrons, calculate amount of winnings and pay off the winner. Other duties may include operating keno and bingo equipment, announcing number selected until total numbers specified for each game are selected. They may also pick up tickets from players, collect bets, receive, verify and record the visitors' cash wagers. Game and sports book writer cover letters should reflect the job seeker's knowledge and experience in this industry.

Alan Lincoln
101 90th Avenue
Any Village, USA 33333

March 24, 2006

Mr. Jim Benson
Hiring Manager
Sports Books, Inc.
14 Gamblers' Row
Any Town, USA 99999

Dear Mr. Benson:

I'm aware, through your ad on JobBankUSA.com that you are currently looking for a gaming and sports book writer. I was pleased to hear it since I have experience in this field and am very familiar with the responsibilities of gaming and sports book writers. I held one of these positions in Las Vegas and later in Reno.

I would like very much to meet you in person to discuss the specific duties you have in mind. Please call me on my cell phone: 888-888-8888 so we can arrange an interview time that fits your busy schedule. I promise to accommodate your preference. Thank you for reading my cover letter and resume and considering me for the position.


Alan Lincoln

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