Sample Funeral Directors Cover Letter

In this FUNERAL DIRECTOR COVER LETTER the writer makes a strong case that his experience in all aspects of the business make him the best choice for the opening. Specifically, he lists three areas in which he excels: Dealing with the grieving members of a wedding party, running the technical side of a funeral home and selling services to clients. If you have to write a cover letter for a job which requires multiple skill sets, a paragraph addressing each like in this funeral Director Cover Letter is a good strategy to take.

Gideon Hopper
6643 Redcorn Rd.
Garden Spot, MI 33221

October 8th, 2005

Cletus Taterman
Taterman & Sons Mortuary
5543 Pakusta Ln.
Vidalia, CA 88833

Mr. Taterman


It is no secret in our business that when a family is grieving, they need an experienced Funeral Director managing the internment process. After all, there is no room at that time of life for anyone who is learning their business and making any of the mistakes that inexperienced Funeral Directors could make. It is for that reason that I would like to point out the many years in which I have worked in the bereavement industry.

Beginning with my first job at a funeral home, I have performed and managed just about every single job in our industry. As a result, I am comfortable and prepared to handle just about every contingency that has been known to arise in this business. Whatís more, however, I approach this business as that: a business, and act accordingly.

I have taken special pride in my track record of improving profitability at every funeral home that I have managed. I believe that this industry is just as much in need of improvements and advances as any other, so have consistently adopted the kinds of technology and practices that reduce cost and improve efficiency. Moreover, I have taken special pains to improve the revenue side wherever I go as well.

I believe that most family members want whatís best for their loved one and only need to be informed and educated to opt for the best treatment. At every establishment, Iíve been able to create an improvement in sales, ranging from 5% to 27% compared to previous years. I look forward to sharing with you in person how I could bring these practices to your practice.

Please call me to set up an appointment at your convenience.

Thank you,

Gideon Hopper