Sample Forensic Science Technician Cover Letter

A forensic science cover letter is a good way to attract the attention of a hiring manager, especially if you include references to your ability to investigate crimes by collecting and analyzing physical evidence. If you specialize in areas such as DNA analysis or firearm examination, performing tests on weapons or on substances such as fiber, glass, hair, tissue, and body fluids to determine their significance to the investigation, be sure to mention that, as well. All forensic science cover letters can help applicants land jobs if they include both experience and specialties, where they apply.

Maureen Williams
675 Crest Avenue
Leebrook, USA 68979

October 21, 2006

Mr. Harvey Lewis
Hiring Manager
Parkerville Police Department
7821 Cornerstone Blvd.
Parkerville, USA 34563

Dear Ms. Lewis:

I noticed your call for a forensic science technician when I checked JobBankUSA.com. I was pleased to find out you have an immediate opening. With this cover letter I am applying for this position and look forward to hearing more about what you want from the person you hire.

My experience includes investigating crimes by collecting and analyzing physical evidence with a specialty in DNA analysis. I have worked with other forensic science technicians during my time with the Leebrook Forensic Lab.

If you're interested in speaking to me about this job and meeting me in person, please call me at 897-673-5645 to set up a time that fits your calendar. I look forward to meeting you and hopefully, joining the department. I appreciate your taking time to go over my resume.


Maureen Williams

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