Sample Food Service Managers Cover Letter

This FOOD SERVICE MANAGER COVER LETTER takes an extremely original tack. Instead of listing the kinds of things the candidate has done in her career, the writer describes a typical day and how that exemplifies the commitment she has to the career of Food Service Manager. If you want to write a Food Service Manager cover letter which stands apart from the crowd, this is one format to consider.

Veggie Chopper
6643 Pepper Rd.
Garden Grove, MI 33221

October 8th, 2005

Campbell Soop
Hot níTasty Restaurant
5543 Piecrust Rd.
Breadbasket, CA 88833

Ms. Soop,


I could write you the typical Food Service Manager cover letter where I tell you about my experience and the aspects of the job that I find most rewarding. But I wonít, since I suspect that you will get a similar letter from about fifty other Food Service Managers today. Instead I will tell you a little about my current job and what I bring to a restaurant every day. If you believe that you would like me to bring my level of energy and expertise to your restaurant, I welcome a call from you.

My day typically starts at seven in the morning, when I arrive on the restaurant premises and begin supervising the bakery operations. One of the innovations that I brought to the restaurant was to begin offering our famous bread and rolls for sale to local catering companies. As a result, weíve had to expand our baking operations to meet both our need and those of our customers, but the extra profit has been well worth the effort.

While Iím there, I begin my round of negotiation with distributors and vendors, evaluating meats and produce for both quality and price. Our restaurant strives to buy locally whenever possible, while maintaining a very stringent cost structure. These phone calls and vendors continue through most of the morning, while I am simultaneously preparing the restaurant for the lunch opening.

After lunch, I start making preparations for dinner, our restaurantís busiest and most profitable time. After the last customer leaves, then I really go to work. I go over that dayís receipts and expenses and get the books up to date before locking up and going to bed to do it again the next day.

Thank you,

Veggie Chopper