Sample Food Photographer Cover Letter

The job applicant in this food photographer cover letter makes sure the hiring manager knows his experience and training and ability to photograph in a creative and appealing way, food and recipe items for publication in magazines. All food photographer cover letters will help applicants get hired if they are well written and the job hunters have professional portfolios to display.

Richard Guida
23 Ransom Drive
Upper Valley, USA 98989

March 6, 2007

Mr. Grant Gable,
Hiring Manager
Fabulous Foods Magazine
890 Palmer Street
Barrington, USA 99999

Dear Mr. Gable:

I am interested in applying for the opening of food photographer, which I saw listed on JobBankUSA.com this morning. I am writing this cover letter to apply for that position. I am experienced in this field and have done photo-shoots for a variety of publishers of recipe books and food history publications. My enclosed resume provides all the details of my former employment.

I'd be happy to meet in person and show you my portfolio of published pictures and hear about what you are looking for in the food photographers you hire.

If you're interested, please call me on my cell phone: 888-888-8888 to arrange a date and time that work for you. Thank you for considering me for the job. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


Richard Guida

Enc: resume and cover letter