Sample Flower Photographer Cover Letter

When writing a flower photographer cover letter make sure you tell the hiring manager your experience planning, coordinating and shooting special flower arrangements, gardens, and flower fields for publication in magazines and books. All flower photographer cover letters that include such details are sure to garner attention and result in a meeting for the job hunter and employer.

Ellen Hammer
789 Gladiola Avenue
Topside, USA 90465

November 2, 2006

Ms. Angela Barkin,
Hiring Manager
American Flower Magazine
85 Dickson Drive
Any Where, USA 99999

Dear Ms. Barkin:

Your post on JobBankUSA.com for a flower photographer appealed to me since I am experienced in this field and am eager to find a position that will give me a chance to focus my photography on flowers and flower arrangements for publication. Therefore, I'm writing this cover letter to apply for the job. My enclosed resume lists my experience in this field, my training and education in photography, and my former employment.

If you'd like to meet in person to discuss the responsibilities of the flower photographers you work with, please call me to set a day and time that is convenient for you. You can reach me evenings at 888-888-8888 to confirm. Thank you for your time and attention.


Ellen Hammer

Enc: resume and cover letter