Sample Fitness Center Manager Cover Letter

The applicant in this fitness center manager cover letter acknowledges her ability to do administrative tasks as well as interview prospective members, supervise the trainers and other staff and stay in close touch with members, offering monthly promotions, new equipment and classes, etc. She brings management skills and a thorough knowledge of what the job requires, which will give her a superb chance at landing the job. Fitness center manager cover letters with this kind of helpful information will result in applicants being hired.

Amy Weisman
786 Shaffer Street
Cityplace, USA 99999

September 2, 2006

Mr. Kurt Newberry, Owner
24/7 Fitness Center
100 Peachblossom Highway
Any Town, USA 99999

Dear Mr. Newberry:

I spotted your call for a fitness center manager on JobBankUSA.com. I have experience in both management and fitness training. I worked as a manager of a hair salon and I am a licensed fitness trainer with three years of experience at Fit For Life Gym in Hollywood, California.

I'm aware of the responsibility of managing customers, staff, vendors, and potential members, and I feel qualified to carry them out.

If you'd like to talk over the job and give me a tour of the facility I'd be pleased to meet you whenever you say, preferably late afternoons since I work part-time each morning. Please call me at 678-456-3465 and state a time. I'll be there. I appreciate your reading my cover letter and considering me for this important job.


Amy Weisman

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