Sample Financial Managers Cover Letter

This is an example of a FINANCIAL MANAGERS COVER LETTER which does an excellent job of presenting the candidate as a human being and more than just a collection of job titles on a resume. In this Financial Manager’s cover letter, the candidate lays out his philosophy of how Financial Managers are responsible for managing more than just finances. This not only shows a commitment to the job that any employer would desire, but sets the writer apart from the pack in a big way.

Bill Munny
6652 Doubloon Way
Prosper, MI 33221

October 11th, 2005

Joe Cash
Golden Financial Management
5543 Currency Rd.
Malibu, CA 88833

Mr. Cash:

To my way of thinking, if a Financial Manager believes that his or her job is to manage finances then he’s only half right. True, that Financial Manager’s ability to pick appropriate investments and make sound financial decisions is what gets him into the Management role in the first place. But unless he masters the art and science of managing the relationships he maintains in that role, he isn’t going to be providing his employer with a maximum value for money.

Specifically, I believe that a Financial Manager has three important sets of relationships that must be managed just as assiduously as the money under his or her stewardship. These three relationships are the other employees’ of the Financial Management firm, the other financial professionals such as brokers that he or she interacts with and most importantly of all, the clients.

As a Financial Manager, I have remained acutely aware of the level of trust that my clients have shown by putting me in charge of the money they hope to retire on someday. I reciprocate this trust by paying attention to their concerns and by proactively keeping them informed of any issues which might positively or negatively affect their finances. The results have been well worth the extra time and effort.

I have consistently enjoyed the greatest rate of business development of my firm. Though some other Financial Managers have been able to attract clients in the short term with impressive winning streaks, I have added clients and capital to my funds through good times and bad. Most of these new clients have been referrals from existing clients, the ultimate expression of trust.

Please give me a call so that we can discuss how I can bring this level of service to your clients as well.


Bill Munny