Sample Farmers Cover Letter

In this FARMERS COVER LETTER, the Candidate assumes that his resume will establish his bona fides as a farmer and seeks to emphasize other areas. Specifically, he spends his farmers cover letter explaining how he takes a problem solving, businesslike approach to working on a farm. Thatís a powerful message to send to a Hiring Manager who is already thinking on just those terms his or herself.

Ol MacDonald
6643 Farm Rd.
Eeyi Eeyi, OH 77722

October 5th, 2005

Horace Ryder
Buttercup Farms
5543 Loam Dr.
Richville, CA 88833

Mr. Ryder,


Quite early in my career as a farmer, back when I was working my own land, I made a very simple observation that has profoundly impacted the way I have approached my career as a farmer. One night, as I was staying up late working on receipts and making budgets I realized that I spent more time and energy thinking about the economics of farming than I did out in the fields growing my crops.

At that point, I became acutely aware that being a farmer is every bit as much about keeping the costs of the crop low and maximizing the eventual sale price as it is about getting the food out of the ground. With this knowledge in hand, I began seeking instruction about how to better manage the business of being a farmer with the same sort of intensity I had previously brought to the agricultural side of it.

The results have been evident in my career. From an average, everyday family farmer trying to get by I have become an experienced and educated consultant to other farmers and agricultural interests seeking to maximize their profits. Along the way I have applied the benefits of my experience and knowledge to a variety of crops, regions and types of agricultural operations.

I look forward to bringing this experience to bear upon your own set of agricultural and business problems and creating a solution for you. Please feel free to call me on my mobile phone at any time to begin a conversation.

Thank you,

Ol MacDonald