Sample Executive Assistant Cover Letter

An executive assistant cover letter is essential if you wish to land a job in a professional organization. Such a position offers you an opportunity to work alongside an executive, assisting in the workload, which might include managing files, making appointments, arranging for training days and attending conferences and meetings where you will be in charge of a group of guests or employees. All executive assistant cover letters should be specific and complete in order to attract the attention of the hiring manager of the company you wish to join.

Lelanie Watkins
676 Lester Way
Any City, USA 23232

October 23, 2006

Mr. Stefano Vitullo
Hiring Manager
Vitullo Interiors
675 Johnson Avenue
Any Town, USA 78956

Dear Mr. Vitullo:

JobBankUSA.com came up this week as I did a search for a position as an executive assistant. I am in the market for just such a position, part-time or full-time. The description of duties fits my personality and experience perfectly. I am good with people, have an aptitude for organizing files and arranging employee-training days.

My experience includes working with other executive assistants in public relations at two advertising firms over the past three years.

Please call me on my cell phone: 785-897-3434 to set up a meeting if you'd like to consider me for the job. I really appreciate your reading this cover letter and giving my resume your attention.


Lelanie Watkins

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