Sample Equestrian Cover Letter

Notice how the applicant in this equestrian cover letter focuses on his ability to ride horses at a circus, carnival, exhibition, or horse show, performing acrobatic stunts on saddled or saddle less horse as well as feats of equestrian skill and daring to entertain audiences. All equestrian cover letters need to include specifics in order to attract a hiring manager.

Ralph Farmer
303 Seventh Avenue
Any Town, USA 33333

May 3, 2007

Mr. Wesley Carpenter,
Hiring Manager
Capital Entertainers, Inc.
22 Capital Street
Any Town, USA 99999

Dear Mr. Carpenter:

I am in the market for the very job you listed on JobBankUSA.com-an experienced equestrian--to perform in various shows, including circuses, exhibitions, etc., doing acrobatic stunts on saddled and saddle less horses for the purpose of entertaining the crowd.

I've been doing such work for a number of years in various equestrian-related venues including horse shows and community fairs. I'd now like to have your company represent me so I can broaden my opportunities and to work with other equestrians.

I hope you will consider meeting me to talk about how I can bring my skills and experience to this position. Please call me at 678-567-0909 to set up an appointment. I'd be happy to meet you any weekday afternoon. Thank you for reading and considering my cover letter and resume. I hope to hear from you soon.


Ralph Farmer

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