Sample Engineering Managers Cover Letter

This ENGINEERING MANAGER COVER LETTER is also an example of a relocation cover letter. In this type of cover letter, the applicant seeks work in a geographical region away from his current residence. Generally, these relocation letters are cold letters, that is to companies which have not expressed a desire to hire a new candidate. However, as this candidate does in this Engineering Cover letter, they can be used as a way to create a job opportunity or at least a networking partner.

F. J. Driver
643 Young Rd.
Ypsilanti, MI 33221

October 7th, 2005

Bruce Ferguson
Ferguson Engineering
5543 Calabasas Rd.
Westfield, CA 88833

Mr. Ferguson,


Allow me to use this letter to introduce myself to you. My name is Todd Tabler and I am currently working as an Engineering Manager at Bechtel Engineering in Houston, Texas. Iíve been with this company at this location for the last six years, specializing in the management of mobile phone tower construction in the Soutwestern and Southeastern United States.

Recently, my wife received a promotion at her job which will require a relocation to Southern Minnesota. Some research on my part has established that your company is the most active engineering firm in that region working in the mobile phone tower space. Iím very interested in meeting with you and discussing the possibility of me joining your team once my family relocates.

As my resume shows, I have worked in the engineering field for the last twelve years, beginning with civil engineering projects of all kinds. For me the true challenge of the engineering field is the balance it strikes between theory and practice. Every project is an opportunity to apply the latest and greatest in technological expertise to the problem at hand. At the same time, engineering managers have an obligation to realistically assess the cost/benefit ration of each process and technology they adapt.

Personally, I relish the challenge of pushing the envelop of project design, all while keeping within the parameters of budget and logistical feasibility. I believe that my track record as an engineering manager who has taken the lead of some of Bechtelís most extensive projects proves that I excel at meeting this challenge. I look forward to telling you how I could bring these skills to bear to your company. Please give me a call at my home phone number to set up a time that we may talk further.

Thank you,

F.J. Driver