Sample Educational Psychologist Cover Letter

If you are writing an educational psychologist cover letter be sure to include reference to your education and your experience investigating the processes of learning and teaching and developing psychological principles and techniques which can then be applied to educational problems. All educational psychologist cover letters should include this and any other related information.

Roy Ames
234 Ash Street
Winslow, California 99999

July 9, 2007

Mr. Jason Jablonsky,
Hiring Manager
Lee and Borton Educational Psychologists, Inc.
16 Converse Blvd.
Winslow, CA 99999

Dear Mr. Jablonsky:

On JobBankUSA.com I saw your posting for two educational psychologists to join your firm. With this cover letter, I would like to apply for one of those positions. I have the education, knowledge, and experience to fulfill the requirements you included in the job description.

I'm attaching my professional resume, as well, so you can see my credentials and the references I can provide if necessary.

If you'd like to interview me for this position, please call 879-567-9090 and I'll be happy to visit your office to answer any questions you may have and to discuss what I can bring to your research team as an educational psychologist.

Thank you for taking time to read my cover letter and for considering me for the job. I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully meeting you, as well.


Roy Ames

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