Sample Education Administrators Cover Letter

In this EDUCATION ADMINISTRATOR COVER LETTER the candidate uses the name of a common acquaintance for two reasons. First, it gets the attention of the reader. Second, it gives him not only the readerís attention but also his credibility since that acquaintance is vouching that the candidate is someone worth knowing. Once that is established, the candidate puts stress upon his diverse and extensive experience.

George G. Gordimer
6643 Chalkboard Lane Rd.
Pondee, MI 33221

December 5th, 2005

Henry Rollback
Superintendent, Chelsea School District
5543 Chalkboard Rd.
Pacoima, CA 88833

Mr. Rollback,


At a recent secondary school educators conference, I spoke to Gerald Bookbinder, who mentioned to me that you were looking for a new Education Administrator and suggested that I tell you a little bit about my background. I have been working in the educational field since I graduated from the University of California at Berkeley.

Originally, I started as a teacher, and moved into administration after my fifth year. Since that time, I have worked in five different schools, ranging in size from a small private school of 350 students all the way to the third largest high school in Los Angeles. Throughout this career, I have continued my education, earning my Masterís degree, then PhD in Education over the last eleven years.

For me, the most exciting aspect of being an education administrator is creating an environment where learning --- and all the life-changing effects that creates --- can happen. Iíve had the privilege of working with some of the best Principals and Superintendents working in Southern California schools and have learned how important it is for a school management to create the conditions under which teachers can teach and students can learn.

I look forward to telling you how I would bring all my experience and expertise to your school, and the kinds of programs and initiatives Iíve been most successful starting and implementing. I welcome you to call me at your convenience and set up a time that we can talk at greater length.

Thank you,

George G. Gordimer