Sample Economist Cover Letter

This economist cover letter shows the hiring manager the applicant's interest in and aptitude for studying how society distributes scarce resources, such as land, labor, raw materials, and machinery, to produce goods and services. Such individuals also research issues such as energy costs, inflation, interest rates, exchange rates, business cycles, taxes, or employment levels. All economist cover letters with useful information and reference to training and experience help job seekers land an interview and a position.

Randall Winkler
45 Haines Road
Any City, USA 89890

September 13, 2006

Mr. Harold Genoa
Hiring Manager
Granger Institute of Economic Studies
62 Detroit Avenue
Any Place, USA 99999

Dear Mr. Genoa:

Thank you for posting your need for an experienced and trained economist on JobBankUSA.com. I am available for this position and can start work immediately. You'll see from my resume that I have six years of experience conducting research, collecting and analyzing data, monitoring economic trends, and developing forecasts.

May I meet you in person for an interview? I'm available at your convenience any weekday except Monday. Please phone me at 345-678-9999 to arrange a time that fits your schedule. I am eager to meet you and hopefully, to join your team as one of the economists on staff. Thank you for taking a moment to read my cover letter and consider me for the job.


Randall Winkler

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