Sample Drafters and Engineering Technicians Cover Letter

In this DRAFTERS AND ENGINEERING TECHNICIANS COVER LETTER, the applicant demonstrates his ability to work in teams and individually. These are important qualities for nearly every position. This specific company wants candidates who have success working in groups and individually. This particular candidate sites specific examples in his Drafters and Engineering Technicians cover letter, which is an incredibly important thing to do when companies require certain interpersonal skills. Itís simple for a person to say she works well in a group; the Hiring Manager wants to hear about and/or read about a specific case.

Joe Smasher
7878 Marshall Ave
Nashville, TN 98765

September 7th, 2000

William Moneypants, VP of Human Resources
Martin & Lewis Inc.
9876 Orange Grove Blvd.
Nashville, TN 90909

Mr. Moneypants:

It is time for us to meet and discuss my future employment with Martin & Lewis Inc. working with your Drafters and Engineering Technicians. I have nine years of experience as a Mechanical Engineering Technician and I would like to join the team at Martin & Lewis.

While I have enjoyed my tenure with Amos & Andy Enterprises, I am ready for a change. In the posting I read on jobbankusa.com, you mentioned the need for Drafters and Engineering Technicians who work well individually and in teams. I have tremendous success working in both capacities.

I recently headed a team of Drafters and Engineering Technicians designing a state-of-the-art piece of machinery for Amos & Andy Enterprises. We finished the project a month before schedule and $10,000 under budget. The team was comprised of a diverse group of professionals all with individual personalities, some more difficult than others. In the end, I was the glue that held the team together even when tempers flared. The team also deserves the credit for designing such a cutting edge piece of equipment.

During this time, I was also forced to work long hours alone. Over the years I have developed a system that keeps me productive. I schedule my time and I honor that schedule. I eliminate distractions and focus on the tasks at hand. I do allow some flexibility because things do come up that need to be handled immediately.

I am confident we will work well together. Good Drafters and Engineering Technicians are hard to come by. Fortunately, our paths have crossed. I can always be better.

Best regards,

Joe Smasher