Sample Drafters Cover Letter

The applicant in this DRAFTERS COVER LETTER focuses on her relevant work experience. This letter demonstrates the importance of doing research on a company before submitting a resume and cover letter. The applicant heard of the opening via a current employee of the company. She then performed research to see where she could grab an edge over other applicants applying to give her Drafters Cover Letter a fighting chance.

Lindsey Drawer
898 Blue Ridge Lane
Austin, TX 77777

December 9th, 2001

Martin Clean
Human Resources Manager
Drafters Rí Us
4455 Picture Road
Dallas, TX 66666

Mr. Clean:

I had a conversation with a colleague of yours the other day, Alyssa Jackson, and she said you were conducting a search for Aeronautical Drafters. You are in luck. I have worked as an Aeronautical Drafter for 12 years and I am currently looking for a new position.

I took six months off to spend time with my children while my husband completed his Ph.D. My previous employer would like to have me back, but I would like to meet with the relevant people at Drafters Rí Us before I make any decisions. Your company has a stellar reputation in the business for developing its employees. That is the kind of company I would like to work with.

I understand Drafters Rí Us recently landed a defense contract drafting missiles for the United States Air Force. The bulk of my work with my last employer involved similar projects. We drafted drawings of missiles, aircraft, and their various parts for all branches of the United States military.

Given my education and relevant work experience, I fully believe I am an excellent fit for Drafters Rí Us. I am in the process of interviewing and would love to come in and discuss my qualifications before the end of next week. My cell phone is the best way to reach me.

Thank you,

Lindsey Drawer