Sample Decorating Instructor Cover Letter

A decorating instructor cover letter can be an opportunity to catch the eye of a hiring manager at a company that specializes in teaching workers how to paint decorations on plates, bowls, saucers, and other bisque dinnerware. The sample below displays this job seeker's ability to do this work and her previous experience. It's important to mention all such information in decorating instructor cover letters.

Donalda Peters
45 City Side Road
Anyville, USA 56734

May 23, 2006

Ms. Patricia Rhodes,
Hiring Manager
Pottery Unlimited, Inc.
64 Swift Street
Anyplace, USA 99999

Dear Ms. Rhodes:

My experience as a decorating instructor spans a decade. I have an art background and I am also a trained teacher so the combination of experience and education I hope will make me an ideal candidate for one of the positions you posted on JobBankUSA for decorating instructors.

If you wish to meet to discuss this job, please phone me at 695-888-8756 and I'll arrange to come to your studio at your convenience any weekday afternoon. Thank you for considering my cover letter and giving me a chance to win this job.


Donalda Peters

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