Sample Cruiseline Clerical Specialist Cover Letter

A cruiseline clerical specialist cover letter discusses the applicant's training, experience, and ability to handle specialty requests from guests and to make arrangements for any specific needs. Such an individual will keep a personal record for each cruise ship guest, including food allergies or preferences, individual needs such as a wheel chair, special seating on tour buses, attention in the dining room, etc. Whatever the guest needs or wants, this professional sees to it the service is provided. All cruiseline clerical specialist cover letters should list these duties and let the hiring manager know the applicants' experience and training in the field.

Doreen Hoffman
456 Railroad Drive
Centerville, USA 34576

September 15, 2006

Ms. Marlene Yates, Owner
Ocean Cruises
56 Howard Street
Any Town, USA 78956

Dear Ms. Yates:

Today I am writing this cover letter in response to your posting on JobBankUSA.com for a cruise line clerical specialist. I am interested in people, love to anticipate and meet their travel needs, and arrange for specific equipment or food items to make their voyage more enjoyable.

One will not often find cruise line clerical specialists but when a company does hire one it's a plus for everyone because such employees focus on the off-beat needs of the clients and make sure they are met.

Are you free to get together any morning next week to talk about this job and how I might fill it? Please call me at 456-777-8989 to let me know. I appreciate the opportunity to be considered.


Doreen Hoffman

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