Sample Courier Cover Letter

When writing a courier cover letter be sure the individual who does the hiring knows your experience as a delivery person, whether by auto, bike, truck, or aircraft. All courier cover letters should specify the applicants' interest, ability, and specialties, if they apply. This will help land the jobs that are best suited to the job seekers.

Darrel Olson
678 Red Ridge Road
Any City, USA 23232

May 19, 2006

Mr. Owen Lang
Hiring Manager
Cushman Courier Service
18 E. 65th Street
Any City, USA 78956

Dear Mr. Lang:

I'm aware that you are hiring couriers with experience delivering small parcels, legal documents, business contracts, etc. via private car. I qualify for such a position. I worked with large courier companies such as UPS for short time, but I prefer to work locally for attorneys and other professionals who need reliable yet speedy personal service.

I'm writing this cover letter to apply for the position of courier, which you listed on JobBankUSA.com. I can start work right away, as I know you are in immediate need of such a person.

I'll be happy to meet you to show you my credentials, my driving record, and some of the local professionals I've worked with. Please call me at 879-678-6543 as your convenience and I'll be happy to come in for an interview to find out what you expect from the couriers who work for you.


Darrel Olson

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