Sample Costuming Supervisor Cover Letter

This costuming supervisor cover letter shows the personnel manager that the job applicant is well aware of the tasks involved: coordinating and supervising the activities of workers who store, alter, make, rent, and purchase costumes and other wardrobe accessories for a film cast. All costuming supervisor cover letters with this kind of specific information will help any job seeker land an interview.

Paula Grimm
785 Colonial Street
Moreland, USA 89890

June 19, 2007

Mr. Frederick Gold,
Hiring Manager
Celebrity Films, Inc.
61 Elliott Avenue
Any Place, USA 99999

Dear Mr. Gold:

My decade of experience with Creative Films has prepared me for the job you've advertised on JobBankUSA.com for an experienced costuming supervisor to coordinate and oversee the tasks of workers who make, store, alter, rent, and purchase costumes for film stars.

May I meet you in person to talk more about the job requirement for costuming supervisors you've worked with? I'm available at your convenience any weekday except Friday. Please phone me at 345-678-9999 to arrange a time that works for you. Thank you for considering my cover letter and reading my resume of previous employment.


Paula Grimm

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