Sample Construction Managers Cover Letter

Though people often think of construction workers as simple manual laborers, by the time someone reaches the level to write a Construction Managers cover letter that stereotype is no longer true. Construction Managers have to be not only familiar with the construction elements of their job, but take on the additional duties of managing people, budgets and working with clients. As a result, a Construction Managers cover letter must convey a real knack for clear and persuasive communication.

George Bricker
776 Trowel Rd.
Granite, NH 33376

April 7, 2006

Jimmy Mortar, CEO
Youthville Development Corp.
4456 Suncrest Drive
Albany, NY 98886

Mr. Mortar,


Very early in my ten year career in construction, I noticed that there are two types of Construction Managers: the kind that get results under ideal conditions, and the kind that gets results under any condition.

Just as early, I made a decision that I wanted to be in the second category. To that end, Iíve made it my business to learn from as many of the result-getting mentors as I could identify, while working as a contractor, an Associate Construction Manager and as a Construction Manager myself.

The lessons that I have learned is that the secrets to obtaining results that surpass the clients expectations are actually quite simple: Communication, planning and execution.

As a result, I have made these three actions my guides for every project I manage. Complete and clear communication with the client, engineers and crew mean that everyone --- starting with myself --- is aware of what needs to be done.

Once the goal is determined, the next step is to plan. Unlike many Construction Managers that want to start acting as soon as possible, Iíve learned that every hour of planning turns out saving two hours of improvising, or worse yet, fixing later.

Lastly, I make it a point to execute the plan as efficiently and completely as possible, providing all participants with the resources they need to complete their duties, then holding them responsible.

My most recent job with my present employer severely tested these precepts. For this job, I was brought in very late on the project, after the previous contractor lost the job for cost overruns and code violations.

By the time I walked onto the job site, the client was furious and despondent over the lost time and money that the project had consumed. But by communication, I was able to work out what new deadlines and budgets they could be comfortable with. By very extensive planning, a very aggressive schedule was created to meet their new deadline and that plan was executed.

As a result, the project was completed at very close to the original budget, and much more cheaply than the worst case scenario that the client had feared they would be stuck with.

Iíd like to tell you more about this experience and more examples of how I can bring my Construction Managers skills to your company. Please call me to meet you at your convenience.


George Bricker