Sample Concilliator Cover Letter

When writing a conciliator cover letter make sure you tell the hiring manager your expertise and experience at facilitating dispute resolution, acting like a go-between, communicating each side's position to the other, relaying options and preferences, and sometimes offering non-binding advice in an effort to help the sides come together in settlement. The parties involved do not meet together. All conciliator cover letters that include such specific details are sure to garner attention and result in a meeting for the job hunter.

Lois Fisher
789 8th Avenue
Topside, USA 90465

November 10, 2006

Mr. Luke Fraser,
Hiring Manager
Fraser and Fox Construction Company
85 Pennsylvania Avenue
AnyWhere, USA 99999

Dear Mr. Fraser:

Your posting for a conciliator on JobBankUSA.com garnered my attention and that's why I'm sending this cover letter. I'm looking for employment in this field and can start immediately. I am known for my ability to mediate and reconcile people whose differences may seem impossible to settle. I can bring this talent to the job and help bring closure where there has been tension and impasse.

I have five years of experience in this profession, described in detail in my attached resume. If you'd like to meet in person to discuss this position, just name the day and time and I'll arrange to be there.

You may be interviewing several potential conciliators but I hope you will offer me one of the time slots you have available. You can reach me afternoons and evenings at 888-888-8888 to confirm. Thank you for your time. I hope to meet you soon.


Lois Fisher

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