Sample Computer Systems Manager Cover Letter

In this Computer Systems Managers cover letter, the candidate directly addresses a market condition --- the popular practice of outsourcing Computer Systems Managers jobs offshore --- and explains how he is a solution to the problem that the targeted company is considering. This is an extremely effective move for cutting through the clutter of other cover letters. Not only does it show that the candidate is very familiar with the market, but also shows that he or she is already thinking of ways to add value in a changing environment.

Sibor Mann
443 Silicon Way
Cloverleaf, NC 22814

June 19th, 205

Freddy Gish, Director of Operations
Tysun Technologies, Inc.
55489 Yuma Blvd.
Arcadia, OH 77777

Mr. Gish,

I am writing this Computer Systems Managers cover letter to you completely aware of a fundamental shift that has occurred in the Computer and Information Systems Managers world and the jobs that exist in it. I am, of course, referring to the outsourcing of many Computer and Information Systems Managers jobs to foreign IT professionals.

Personally, however, I find that the current environment makes me even more valuable because it creates even more demand for the aspect of the Computer and Information Systems Managers world for which I am strongest: my ability to interface with and communicate effectively with others. In the distributed programming world of the modern Information Systems Manager, our job description is less about doing what needs to be done and more about managing the people and processes.

Consequently, I have made it my business to attack the attainment of management and communications skills with the same degree of intensity that I used to spend on mastering obscure programming languages. As a result, I soon became an ambassador for the company’s existing Computer and Information Systems Managers culture to its newest members. And the company’s transition costs to the new outsourcing unit were 20% under budget that first year.

Since that time, I have decided that my career growth will best be served at a larger firm, where I can take more responsibilities and learning opportunities. I look forward to discussing with you how I can begin to contribute immediately to your software team.

Thank you,

Sibor Mann