Sample Community Association Managers Cover Letter

In this COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION MANAGERS COVER LETTER the writer takes a very simple and basic approach. She tells the Hiring Manager how she learned of the opening, she describes her experience, she lays out how she can add value to the position and she asks for the interview. Sometimes a Community Association Managers cover letter doesnít have to be fancy or sophisticated to get the job done right.

Kit Handy
274 Resident Lane
Sopranos, NJ 07310

July 23rd 2005

Indigo Bluntly
Vice President
Bluntly Said Community Association
3453 Neighbors Blvd.
Capulet City, NJ 07778

Ms. Bluntly,

I am writing this letter in response to the advertisement you put in the Sunday Times for an open Community Associations Managers position. If you will take a look at my resume, you will see that I have seven years experience in similar or identical positions. Even more important than my years of experience, however, is the quality of effort that I put into the position.

I have consistently striven to perform my Community Association Managers duties in as professional a manner as possible, and to grow professionally. As a Community Association Manager, I see my job as a liaison among a variety of people with varying agendas and needs. From residents, to property managers to the various contractors and vendors who do business with the community association, as the manager I am the person who must handle these transactions with the owners needs in mind.

In addition to my daily tasks, I have continued to take classes in real estate law, accounting and organizational management on my own time. Because of these efforts, I have continued to be promoted from the small community association where I started to the largest community association in the metro region. Today, I am looking for another challenge.

Iíve heard great things about your organization during my whole career as a community associationís manager. Iíd like to have the opportunity to tell you what I am capable of and to discuss what I could bring to your community association. Please contact me at the number below to set up a time that we can meet.

Thank you,

Kit Handy