Sample Cobbler Cover Letter

When you write a cobbler cover letter, be sure to tell the hiring manager your experience with shoe making and repair. A vital craft in today's shoe manufacturing field, applicants who are excellent in this trade have a high chance of finding employment. All cobbler cover letters should showcase applicants' highest ability and experience.

Guy Loch
32 Linder Street
Coryville, USA 56734

February 23, 2006

Mr. Hamilton Grady
Hiring Manager
Dexter Shoe Company
89 Second Street
Landsville, USA 99999

Dear Mr. Grady:

I've been trained and certified as a cobbler--a shoemaker with expertise in hand-made sandals and fine leather loafers. I am also accomplished with shoe-making machinery and am most interested in going to work for you after reading on JobBankUSA.com a description of the openings and benefits available at Dexter for experienced cobblers.

I'll be happy to meet you any morning before 10:00. Please call me at 675-980-9898 to arrange a meeting time that fits in with your schedule. Thank you for taking a moment to read my cover letter and consider it. I will bring samples of my work and an award I received from the United Cobblers Association of America. I look forward to meeting you.


Guy Loch

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