Sample Chemical & Drugs Sales Representative Cover Letter

A chemical and drugs sales representative cover letter will help any applicant land a job if you are familiar with and knowledgeable about the work, which includes selling chemical or pharmaceutical products, such as explosives, acids, industrial or agricultural chemicals, medicines, and drugs to retail outlets or the wholesale trade. All chemical and drugs sales representative cover letters providing hiring managers with a clear and readable letter detailing job hunters' experience and understanding of what is involved will be more likely to land a position.

Connie Black
201 Francisco Street
Any Village, USA 33333

September 1, 2006

Mr. Lionel Barry,
Hiring Manager
Silver and Silver Chemicals and Drugs, Inc.
564 Universal Blvd.
Any Town, USA 99999

Dear Mr. Barry:

From your posting on JobBankUSA.com, I'm aware that you're looking for an experienced chemicals and drugs sales representative. I hope to be that person among all the chemicals and drugs sales representatives you interview.

I have three years of sales experience in this field and am a tireless worker, delivering excellent customer service and personal interest in each client I serve.

May we get together to talk about this position and how I can become a productive member of your sales staff at Silver and Silver? If you'd like to get together, please call me at 897-678-5656 for an appointment that fits your calendar.

I look forward to getting to meet you and thank you for reading my cover letter and considering me for the job.


Connie Black

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