Sample Charter Pilot Cover Letter

In this charter pilot cover letter, the job seeker focuses on the nature of the work which is to fly fare-paying passengers over varying routes in single-engine or light twin-engine planes. Trips are usually during the day and of short duration so the pilot can return home at the end of the day. Some charter pilots have regular routes and schedules much like commercial pilots. The applicant here is interested in applying for such a job at a large city airport where there is substantial business available for 'air taxi' service. All charter pilot cover letters should include the applicant's preferences and abilities.

Mark Huera
19 Boston Road
Cityville, USA 56734

March 23, 2006

Mr. James Swanson
Hiring Manager
Big City Airport
452 Peachtree Blvd.
Landsville, USA 99999

Dear Mr. Swanson:

Thank you for posting the openings for a charter pilot on jobbankusa.com. This is a position I feel equipped to fill. I have a current pilot's license which I acquired while in the United States Navy and I am interested in a job that has regular hours and a regular route so I can be home each night with my young family.

I would be proud to join other charter pilots who work at Big City Airport. I know there is a demand for this type of taxi service. I have good people skills and I enjoy getting people and goods from place to place, as needed.

Could I schedule a meeting with you to go over my resume and to learn more about the requirements of the job? I'll be happy to come to your office any weekday morning before noon. Please call me on my cell phone: 888-888-8888 so we can arrange a date that works for you. Thank you for considering my cover letter.


Mark Huera

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