Sample Cashier Cover Letter

This cashier cover letter focuses on the applicant's experience and ability to offer good customer service and to make change at the counter of a restaurant, drug store, supermarket or retail store where people check out and pay for their purchases at a cashier stand. Cashier cover letters will help a person find a job more easily if the individual focuses on her ability to handle money easily and to talk with patrons in a friendly manner.


Loralee Simpson
21 Forest View Road
Hilltop, USA 99999

November 10, 2006

Mr. George Bennett,
Heidi's Coffee Shop
452 Monroe Blvd. Hilltop, USA 99999

Dear Mr. Bennett:

I'm looking for a position as a full-time cashier in a restaurant or cafÈ so when I saw your listing on JobBankUSA.com for such a worker, I decided to contact you immediately with this cover letter.

I have experience as a cashier in the retail and food service professions. I'm fast on my feet, good with money and making change, working the credit card machine, and talking with customers as they pay their bills.

May I please drop by the coffee shop next week on a day (and time) that best fits your calendar, to discuss the duties of this job? I appreciate your taking time to consider me as one of your cashiers.


Loralee Simpson

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