Sample Buyers Cover Letter

In this BUYERS COVER LETTER, the writer uses a specific set of quotations that the reader has said in public to make the case for why she should be hired. Naturally, in this case it is a very powerful argument, as it uses the readerís own words as a powerful argument for hiring the writer. Naturally, this canít be used for every Buyers cover letter, but it works in this case.

Jenny Jeans
274 Looking Good Lane
Hot City, NJ 07310

August 23rd 2005

Yekko Trippy
VP of Human Resources
BigBox Stores Inc.
3453 Retail Blvd.
Dungarees Park, NJ 07778

Mr. Trippy

I am writing this letter in response to a speech I heard you give at a national Buyerís conference in San Diego last week. I was extremely inspired by your views on the importance of Buyers who combine scientific marketing skill with creative talent. Whatís more I was encouraged by your statement that your business depends on these talented Buyers and that there will always be room for them at your organization.

I am exactly that type of Buyer and would very much like to work for you. What I would bring to your organization is the combination of marketing science and instinctive taste that allows me to make winning buying decisions. To my way of thinking, market research is indispensable, as it tells you what the customer is buying.

Because I value it so highly, I have sought to educate myself in ways to better read sales figures and to spot trends as they first begin to develop. Though I pride myself on that skill, I realize that it has limitations. Simply put, market analysis can only tell you what people are currently buying. To know what they will buy in the future, or what they would buy if it were presented to them the instinct of a Buyer is necessary.

Just as an artist can have his or her existing artistic talent and sensibility nurtured through practice, a Buyerís taste and instinct for quality can be developed over time. Working with some of the best buyers and designers and merchandisers in the business has helped me develop my taste and instinct. Combined with the solid foundation of the market analysis I perform, it allows me to make guesses about the marketís direction that are both informed and creative. Please let me know when you would like me to meet you and discuss these matters personally.


Jenny Jeans