Sample Business Advisor Cover Letter

A business advisor cover letter is the key to the door opening for you in a field that promises opportunity, leadership, and creativity. Helping people to start, expand, or grow their businesses is an exciting career. All business advisor cover letters should include whatever information is necessary to help the applicants' express their abilities and their desire to do this kind of work.

Roger Rushmore
405 Petaluma Avenue
Any Village, USA 33333

November 27, 2006

Ms. Maria Zornes,
Hiring Manager
Brennan Business Machines, Inc.
825 Victory Street
Any Town, USA 99999

Dear Ms. Zornes:

I noticed your listing on JobBankUSA.com for a business advisor to work with your executives in order to help plan, expand, and grow some of the new departments in your company.

I have been one of several business advisors employed by Marston Business Advocates but now I'd like to strike out on my own and apply my acquired knowledge and experience to my own clients.

I have so many ideas for making your company excel. I am eager to meet with you so we can begin putting them to work. Please call me at 765-905-8567 for an appointment that suits your schedule. I look forward to our time together. And thank you for considering my cover letter.


Roger Rushmore

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