Sample Brim Raiser Cover Letter

A brim raiser cover letter is a good way to attract the attention of a hiring manager, especially if you include references to your experience and ability to dampen straw hats, using a sponge, and holding hats over a steam jet to cause straw to swell and resume shape after the hat has been pressed. All brim raiser cover letters can help applicants land jobs if they include both experience and expertise, where they apply.

Lisle Gunderson
675 Pacific Grove Avenue
Leebrook, USA 68979

December 3, 2006

Mr. Keith Kipling,
Hiring Manager
Sunshine Straw Hat Makers, Inc.
683 Foster Street
Parkerville, USA 34563

Dear Mr. Kipling:

I noticed your posting for a brim raiser when I checked JobBankUSA.com for such a position. I am qualified for this work by training and three years of experience. My attached resume lists my previous places of employment in the hat industry.

Are you available to get together in person to talk about this position and what you are looking for in the brim raisers who work for Sunshine?

If so, please call me at 897-673-5645 to set up a time that fits your calendar. I look forward to meeting you. Thank you for considering my cover letter and resume.


Lisle Gunderson

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