Sample Biological Scientists Cover Letter

BIOLOGICAL SCIENTISTS COVER LETTERS that reveal their humanity. They have a reputation for being humorless, analytical drones. This applicant reveals her passion in this Biological Scientists cover letter. She backs up her credentials with a point-of-view about her work. She also cleverly mentions her work with Fisher, a rival company. Large drug companies love taking people from their competitors.

June Bugg
333 Honey Comb Circle
Richmond, VA 34567

May 6th 1999

Mr. Randy Johnson, Dir. Research & Development
Merky Laboratories
7645 Corruption Square
Washington, DC 99797

Mr. Johnson:

I am very interested in joining the Merky team of Biological Scientists. Merky Laboratories has generated many of the most progressive psychotropic drugs in the last 10 years and I would like to lend my expertise to develop even better prescription drugs.

Having worked with Fisher Corporation for the past nine years in Research & Development, I learned a great deal about the modern application of psychotropic drugs. Mentally ill people are able to live normal lives and raise well-adjusted children. If it were 20 years ago, these same people would be on the streets, in asylums, or dead. Biological Scientists and Researchers have given people a legitimate second chance.

We still have a long way to go. I spent much of my tenure with Fisher working with other Biological Scientists to develop safer psychotropic drugs, drugs that patients can wean off of with relative ease. From a marketing standpoint, psychotropic drugs that pose fewer risks to the patient will be incredibly attractive to the prescribing doctors.

I am eager to meet with your team of Biological Scientists and see if we have a match. Along with an acutely analytical mind, I also have the attitude of an idealist. I believe our work is some of the most important work being performed on the planet. Along with my work ethic, I bring focused passion for my work.

Please give me a call to set up an interview. I am eager to meet you in person. I have read much of your work and would love to discuss it in person.

All my best,

June Bugg