Sample Beekeeper Cover Letter

The job seeker who wrote this beekeeper cover letter shows his understanding of the tasks involved in the job of intentional maintenance of honeybee hives. A beekeeper also known as an apiarist, may keep bees in order to collect honey and beeswax, or for pollinating crops or to produce bees to sell to other beekeepers. Make clear in your cover letter what you wish to focus on. Beekeeper cover letters should display a clear knowledge of the process and the procedures necessary to do the job and that will land the applicants an interview.

Nick Hermann
67 Ninth Avenue
Lakeside, MN 22222

May 9, 2006

Mr. Francis Marsh, Manager
Lakeside Apiary
58 Jones Drive
Lakeside, MN 22222

Dear Mr. Marsh:

When I visited JobBankUSA.com today, I was happy to see your listing for a beekeeper that specializes in maintaining honeybee hives for the purpose of pollinating crops. This is the job I'm looking for. I've worked as an assistant to other apiarists over the years and now welcome partnering with you for this specialized aspect of the work.

Thank you for reading my cover letter and resume. If you'd like to explore this job further to see if I meet your criteria, please call me at 789-675-9999 to set up a time that works best for your schedule. I look forward to meeting you in person to show you that I am well qualified for this job.


Nick Herman

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