Sample Assistant Computer Support Specialist Cover Letter

In this assistant computer support specialist cover letter, the job seeker mentions his experience in computer support as he works toward a bachelor's degree in computer science. He states his knowledge of the work-which is to help computer clientele use their equipment to the optimum and to work alongside the specialists, learning from them and performing tasks that will assist them in meeting clients' needs. All assistant computer support specialist cover letters that include professional details like these help job seekers land the positions they want.

Lance Matthews
987 Northside Street
Cityville, USA 56734

September 27, 2006

Mr. Eric Henderson,
Hiring Manager
Universal Computers
452 Slauson Blvd.
Landsville, USA 99999

Dear Mr. Henderson:

Thank you for listing the opening for an assistant computer support specialist on JobBankUSA.com. This is a position that would suit me well right now as I study for my bachelor's degree in computer science at City College. I feel well suited to this position, as I have worked in the computer industry part-time for the past four years while going to school part-time.

I am knowledgeable, eager to learn more, good with people, and organized in my thinking. I believe I will be a good support to the specialists who serve your clientele.

May I come to your office one day next week to talk over your expectations for the assistant computer support specialists you hire? I'm free to meet any morning before noon. Please call me at 879-789-3456 to set up an appointment. Thanks so much for this opportunity to present myself through this cover letter and to show you my qualifications.


Lance Matthews

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