Sample Apiculturist Cover Letter

The applicant in this apiculturist cover letter acknowledges her interest and training in the study of bee culture and breeding. She includes references to previous employment and accomplishments credited to her work. All apiculturist cover letters with this kind of helpful information will result in applicants being hired.

Elizabeth Donovan
786 Herald Street
Cityplace, USA 99999

March 5, 2007

Mr. Jackson Dyer,
Hiring Manager
The Institute for Bee Research
and Breeding
324 Lewiston Street
Any Town, USA 99999

Dear Mr. Dyer:

I spotted your post for an apiculturist on JobBankUSA.com. My experience covers twenty-plus years in the study of bee culture and breeding under my father, a bee breeder from Southern California.

I have now relocated to your region and would like to continue my work with bees. Therefore, I'm writing this cover letter to ask for an interview so I might discuss with you in person what you are looking for in the apiculturists you work with at the Institute for Bee Research and Breeding, as I hope to be one of them.

Please call me at 678-456-3465 if you'd like to get together. I appreciate your giving me an opportunity to ask for this job and to show you how I can be an asset to your facility.


Elizabeth Donovan

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