Sample Air Traffic Controller Cover Letter

An air traffic controller cover letter is the applicant's opportunity to focus on his ability to handle the high stress such a job includes as well as his knowledge and experience in the field, since the well-being and safety of hundreds of thousands of pilots, flight staff, ground crew, and air passengers are at stake. Air traffic controller cover letters should reflect the job seeker's commitment to all of the above.

Jim Jobseeker
101 Starlet Lane
Any Village, USA 33333

May 10, 2006

Mr. James Conner
Hiring Manager
Federal Aviation Agency
1414 Aviation Way
Any Town, USA 99999

Dear Mr. Conner:

I'm aware that among the many duties of an air traffic controller, maintaining safety in air travel is the most important. Were I to be hired for the available position, I would be in charge of the movement of air traffic to make certain that planes stay a safe distance apart. I'm aware, as well, that air traffic controllers also direct planes efficiently to minimize delays. I might be called on to regulate airport traffic through designated airspaces or to establish airport arrivals and departures, depending on the position I fill.

My experience in the tower at Midland Airport in Tooner Town, USA, (a small private airport) has prepared me over the past ten years for a position as a controller in a key city such as Any Town. Relying on radar and visual observation, I was able to monitor each plane to ensure a safe distance between all aircraft and to guide pilots between the hangar or ramp and the end of the airport's airspace.

I welcome an opportunity to meet you in person to discuss the specific duties required of air traffic controllers in the cities where the openings exist. I'm willing to relocate, as needed. Please call me on my cell phone: 888-888-8888 so we can arrange a date and time that works for you. Thank you for considering my cover letter.


Jim Jobseeker

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