Sample Agricultural Managers Cover Letter

In this AGRICULTURAL MANAGER COVER LETTER the candidate starts with an immediate use of a reference which establishes both attention and credibility. Furthermore, he does a little bit of flattery of the Hiring Managerís operations which canít hurt either. Other than that, itís a fairly standard Agricultural Manager cover letter which lays out clearly and quickly his credentials for the job and describes a specific challenge he faced.

Cherry Picker
6643 Tomato Rd.
Butternut, MI 33221

October 5th, 2005

Harvey Switchgrass
Youngerís Agricultural
5543 California Rd.
Calabasas, CA 88833

Mr. Switchgrass:


I am writing this cover letter on the suggestion of your employee, Janis Dudley, who told me that your operation is in the market for a proven Agricultural Manager. Iíve known Janis professionally for years, and she has told me for some time about the top-flight work that you have done at your Calabasas locations.

As you can see from my resume, Iíve been working as an Agricultural Manager for some time, across several geographic regions and types of operations. My current project is to help one of the largest avocado growers in the state of Colorado adjust their crop rotation schedules to accommodate the increased cost of water that has resulted from changes in water law.

This project exemplifies the kind of work that I excel in. Besides requiring a n in-depth knowledge of the requirements of avocado trees, Iíve been forced to become an expert in water law, water transport options, and the transfer of individual trees to other geographic regions without jeopardizing their ability to bear fruit.

So far, my decisions have been a success. My client has been able to absorb the higher costs in other areas that I have suggested and will hit all financial goals this quarter, despite the higher cost of inputs. I look forward to bringing my expertise to similar challenges at your organization. Please call me and let me know when we can speak next.


Cherry Picker