Sample Agricultural & Food Scientists Cover Letter

In this AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD SCIENTISTS COVER LETTER, Richard Head discusses his concerns with specific issues facing the country. Given this is a government position, itís important for him to articulate his position and knowledge of certain issues. His Agricultural and Food Scientists cover letter is an informative tool rather than some piece of frivolous fluff.

Richard Head
6969 Bush Lane
Kansas City, KS 55555

February 4th, 2005

Lucy Twizat
Dir. of Research
Department of Agriculture
2222 North P. Street
Washington, DC 88888

Ms. Twizat:

Given the current energy crisis and escalating gas prices, there has been a huge push for alternative forms of energy. Some of these alternative forms of energy can be generated using sugar and corn, as you well know, which has created a need for intelligent Agricultural and Food Scientists.

In addition, with obesity out of control in this country, I believe it is important for Agricultural and Food Scientists to continue researching ways to raise the quality of food generated in the United States. In recent years we have uncovered ways to improve crop yield with less labor without sacrificing the quality of the crops. With further research, we can continue along this path.

I have been working among other Agricultural and Food Scientists for over 15 years. I grew up on a wheat farm in Kansas and I still believe in the American farmer. I also believe it is important for American farmers to embrace new technologies and new techniques so they can compete with foreign competition.

There are a million issues the Department of Agriculture deals with every year. I try to stay on top of as many as possible. My experience speaks for itself. If you would like me to come in and discuss these issues, feel free to give me a call. I consider myself one of the foremost Agricultural and Food Scientists in the United States and I would love to be a contribution to my country.

Best regards,

Richard Head