Sample Aeronautical Drafter Cover Letter

When writing an aeronautical drafter cover letter be sure the hiring manager knows you understand not only the drawing skills involved in the job but also the need for math and engineering skills in order to turn someone's rough draft or sketch of an aircraft or missile into an exact and finished drawing that builders can work from. All aeronautical drafter cover letters should deliver this kind of important information to help the applicants land the job they are applying for.

Alex Prince
678 Bluebell Road
Any City, USA 23232

April 11, 2006

Mr. Emmett Piper
Hiring Manager
Starboard Aeronautical Corporation
22 E. 64th Street
Any Town, USA 78956

Dear Mr. Piper:

I looked on JobBankUSA.com this week in search of a position as an aeronautical drafter. I was pleased to see your post. I am ready to begin work right away and would appreciate an opportunity to show you what I have accomplished in this field since graduating vocational school as a draftsman.

I specialize in drawings related to missiles and their parts, though I also have experience drafting aircraft carriers. Joining a team of other aeronautical drafters would be a dream come true. I am a team player and welcome the ideas and companionship of others in my field of interest. In fact, that's why I'm writing this cover letter today.

Would you like to meet to talk over this position and the duties I'd perform if you choose to hire me? I'd enjoy speaking with you in person. Please call me on my cell phone: 785-897-3434 to set up an interview or to meet for lunch. My treat. I look forward to hearing from you.


Alex Prince

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