Sample Advertising Cover Letter

Advertising cover letters present a special challenge to the Advertising job seeker. Thatís because these jobs all heavily depend on presentation and selling skills. Consequently the ability of the cover letter to present the candidate and sell them to the prospective employer is especially vital. For that reason, these letters should be even more attention-grabbing and persuasive than just about any other professions. Something like the following Advertising cover letter is a good place to start.

Joe Closer
887 Limley St.
Recusa, TN 33522

January 8th, 2006

Hott Leads, Sales Manager
ABC Enterprises
Century City, CA 44444


Mr. Leads,

Allow me to introduce myself in this cover letter. My name is Joe Closer and I am your next Advertising Manager. I can say that with confidence because Iíve done some research on your company, and learned that you are a Vice President with a reputation for knowing exactly whatís happening in your department at all times. As a result, Iím sure that you know what exactly what your department needs: A sales leader that can bring all the pieces of a sale together and produce results immediately.

I am exactly that sales leader. As Sales Manager of Acme Gadgets, I have had to opportunity to watch how sales are made and lost before the customer ever talks to the so called ďsalesĒ staff on the floor. In other words, how the companyís Advertising efforts can do 90% of the work to sell the client or repel them before the Sales team makes first contact.

Iíve also seen how vitally important that last 10% of the sales effort is and how a sales team that refuses to listen to the customerís needs can lose the sale, even after the Advertising Managers have brought the prospect right to the very brink of commitment.

Additionally, in those five years, Iíve done more than watch. Iíve learned what I could about the sales process, in the classroom, in sales training, and through watching sales executives more experienced than myself at work.

Most importantly, Iíve put this knowledge into practice and systematically applied the teachings to evaluate their effectiveness. I have developed an Advertising Sales Managers protocol for Acme which has produced unparalleled results for the sales department. In every measure, from lead generation to final sales, the Advertising Sales Managers have broken company records for sales volume the last three years running.

Today, I am ready to take on new challenges. After performing a thorough survey of the market, I have settled on your company as being one which most closely matches my own philosophy of excellence. I look forward to the opportunity to tell you how I would bring my experience and enthusiasm to your company, and what results I would expect to accomplish in my first 30, 60, 90 and 180 days there.

Please contact me at the above number to set up a time that we can meet at your convenience.

Thank you,

Joe Closer