Sample Actor Cover Letter

In this sample actor cover letter, the writer directly addresses the problem that he faces --- too much competition. But then he uses his letter to describe how he has separated himself from that competition through hard work. This is a very effective technique.

Arnie Smith
123 Main Street
Atlanta, GA 30339
Home: (555)555-1234
Cell: (555)555-1235

June 13th, 2002

Joe Hollywood
Hollywood Star Management
345 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 97733

Mr. Hollywood,

Available Immediately: Leading Man Ready to Take Career to Next Level

As an agent, you see literally hundreds of head shots and resumes each day, each one from an aspiring actor full of hopes of stardom. I know that most of these headshots wind up directly in your trash can.

Throwing my headshot into that trash can, however, would be a mistake for one simple reason. Unlike most of these other would-be stars, I have taken that hope and converted into a work ethic. From my undergraduate days as a drama student, I have seen acting as a craft and profession rather than a lottery ticket that might pay off someday.

This professional work ethic has inspired me to make every audition I got called for, to continue my training and to be mentally and physically at my peak for an audition or role at any time. This work ethic has also compelled me to make the most of my roles in further developing my range as an actor.

I invite you to look at my reel and meet me face to face. My years of work have raised the level of my craft to a level I can be proud of. I am confident that the level of my opportunities will soon follow, especially with the right representation.

Some agent is going to make a lot of money from me in the very near future. Please give me a call at (555)555-1234 to ensure that the agent is you.


Arnie Smith

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