Setting a Good Resume Cover Letter Example

By Jimmy Sweeney Author of the brand new, "Amazing Cover Letter Creator."

What a Resume Cover Letter Example Should Contain

Finding a truly great resume cover letter example is one of the things that HR managers rarely expect in this age of downloadable free templates. They are so used to seeing the sort of hollow platitude-ridden nonsense that so many Web sites seem to offer for free, claiming that they will instantly make you irresistible to hiring managers, that when they are presented with something actually worth reading, it could just blow them away. Quite how it is that we lost the art of creating great resume cover letters is one of the greatest mysteries of all time, because in so doing we did to our resumes the equivalent of taking the wings off a plane or punching holes in an ocean liner. We took away its very purpose, which is, of course, to get us hired.

And yet, few job seekers seem to realize. They fail to understand that next to that great resume cover letter example, their free downloadable template can hardly support its own weight. It is like a featherweight boxer in the ring with a WBA heavyweight. It doesn't stand a chance. The reason for all of this is specifically because it is both free and downloadable. Surely by now we have realized that things that are free are generally so because they lack value. If a cover letter was really going to guarantee you success in a job application, that would be worth paying for, wouldn't it? But in fact, it doesn't work that way and there are very specific reasons why that is.

Resume Cover Letter Example Considerations

Top of the list is the information that is contained in a free downloadable template. Let's get this clear: to go back to the great resume cover example above – the heavyweight so to speak – the reason it is so powerful is that it is about the applicant specifically and how that applicant relates to the job in question. What that means is that the person sending their resume took the time to write out a cover letter that contains important – and please, make it interesting too – information about themselves which enables the hiring manager to easily imagine an actual person rather than just a simple resume. In so doing, the applicant is giving the hiring manager an instant insight into whether or not that person is suitable for the organization they represent and enables them to make a quick decision. Hiring managers are busy people, so imagine how much they appreciate that.

Added to that, the applicant has taken the time to discuss briefly the ways in which their skills and personality may relate to the actual job they are applying for. A downloadable template cannot do that for all the obvious reasons that it wasn't created with a job in mind and it doesn't know anything about you as a person. It can therefore only offer vague and uninteresting comments about being pleased to be able to apply for a generic job – or something like that – and trust us, that doesn't get you anywhere in the long run.

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