When looking for a job, you should devote a good part of your time to thorough research of companies in your field(s) of interest and in your desired geographical location. Once you have decided which organizations hold potential interest for you, investigate them to determine if they fit your needs and wants.

Sources of information for your job search:
National Associations (and their publications) in your field
National Magazines / Newspapers
Regional Magazines / Newspapers
Labor Unions
Securities & Exchange Commission (Federal Government)

    All information for publicly owned companies is available to the public.
    Form 10K (Annual report filed to the public, includes Chairman's letter)
      Available at SEC or directly from the company

    Form N-5 (Used to register small business)
    Form N-5R (Annual report of small business management investment companies.)
      *Might be an avenue to getting financing for a small business venture. Libraries
    Business Reference Section (ask Reference Librarian for assistance)
    Career Development Books
      Dewey Decimal System = 371.42 / Library of Congress = HF/5303

Kiplinger Letters (insight into potential growth of new industries and products)
Standard & Poor's Security Dealers of North America
Standard Directory of Advertising Agencies
Law and Legal Information Directory
Trade Name Directory
Sheldon & Phelon (Directory of large department stores, etc.)
Dun & Bradstreet (America's Corporate Families, Million Dollar Directory, Business Rankings, Career Guide)
Directory of Corporate Affiliations
Directory of Directories
Thomas Register (Products and Services, Company Profiles)
Brand Name Index, Catalogue of Companies
Standard & Poor's (Corporations/Directory/Indexes)
Encyclopedia of Associations
Small Business Sourcebook
The American Almanac of Job and Salaries
Everybody's Business - An Almanac
Standard Directory of Advertisers
O'Dwyers Directory of Public Relations Firms
Directory of Executive Recruiters
Manufacturer News
Moody's Investor Services

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