Resume Uses:
  • As an advertisement of yourself.
  • As a summary of your skills and experience.
  • As a guide for the employer in the interview.

Resume Writing Hints:

1. Do not put any personal information in the resume, unless it relates to the job.

2. Be clear about your skills and job goals.

3. Use strong, positive words.

4. Do not be modest. You must "sell" your good points to the employer.

5. Type the resume carefully. Make sure all the spelling errors are corrected. Get a friend to go over it with you.

6. Your resume should be neat, clean, and organized. It is an introduction to you as a person.

7. Make sure you have good references from people who know your work experience.

* Do not use relatives for references.
* Ask people if you may use them as references before you do so.

8. Always take extra copies of your resume to a job interview. Carry them in a folder to keep them neat and clean.

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